The Pocket Code

This tool is the Pocket Code, downloadable as a PDF here at Smartcode Local. It is a development code for walkable neighborhoods,  just three pages for existing urbanism.  It  has two additional pages to help those who want to lay out a whole neighborhood. It is Transect-based but could be adapted to conventional zoning categories, as it is correlated to the basic building dispositions (detached, semi-detached, and attached). This code has been out since 2014 awaiting open source comments and improvements. One question is, does it need illustrations, or is all-text a leaner approach? I would like to see it formatted into a laminated slim-jim so it can be a true pocket code. Some of us started doing that, but did not finish. Let’s at least revisit the text and improve it. Let’s make sure it does not inadvertently disallow any Lean projects that should be part of a vital and varied neighborhood.

One thought on “The Pocket Code”

  1. Delighted to see this, Sandy! I’ve heard you mention the Pocket Code numerous times over the years, but never downloaded it until now. It exemplified distillation as well as any code I’ve seen since DPZ’s original one-page code for Seaside.


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